Short Games Collection: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

As soon as I heard about Short Games Collection, I knew it was definitely something that belonged in teeny tiny games. What I didn’t know was that I was in for a wild and trippy ride. This curated selection of short games packs five artistic experiences that seek to challenge the player in all sorts […]

Don’t Let Summer End Without Playing Haven Park

There are games that just perfectly embody the very meaning of wholesome and Haven Park is certainly one of them.  You play the game as an adorable little guy called Flint, a bird tasked with the challenge of taking care of a natural park. Flint’s family has been managing the park for generations and now […]

Vessels: Airlock Anxiety and the Whispers from Within

After a grueling year like 2020, it’s no wonder that a sci-fi game with horror movie vibes was quietly launched with the tagline “Quarantined. No memories. No way out.”.  Vessels is the first title coming out of the Local Space Survey Corps studio and has just won the “Best Student Game” award this week at […]

missed connection

Dear creators, If you have sent us a message about your game and didn’t get a reply, I am sorry. It has come to my attention that the form on the website was not working. It has now been removed and you can reach us through good old e-mail. 💌

TREE: the cycle of life unfolding

You know those days when you just want to plays something short and sweet?  Well, I have the perfect game for when that feeling hits: TREE. TREE can be played in just about 10 minutes, thus making it by far the shortest game I’ve played since starting this project. And what a truly enjoyable experience […]

Overboard! Can you get away with murder?

As a die-hard fan of Inkle Studios, I was over the moon when they pulled a Beyoncé move and dropped their latest game without any previous announcement or even a whisper of what was coming our way. Overboard! is a murder mystery that puts the player in the role of the murderer herself, Mrs. Veronica […]

Tengami cover

Welcome to the zen pop-up book world of Tengami

Games with puzzles as one of their core mechanics are usually not the first I think of when looking for something to play. But Tengami caught my attention because it plunges the player into a book, a pop-up book to be more exact. As someone whose favourite book is The Neverending Story, I have this […]


Islanders: relax and build a city

As I watched the news unfold during that long dreadful election week in the United States, I played Islanders to keep anxiety at bay. Despite being released in 2019, this game was one of my best gaming companions of the dreaded year of 2020. When I first bought it, little did I know that it […]


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