TREE: the cycle of life unfolding

You know those days when you just want to plays something short and sweet? 

Well, I have the perfect game for when that feeling hits: TREE.

TREE can be played in just about 10 minutes, thus making it by far the shortest game I’ve played since starting this project. And what a truly enjoyable experience it was.

This is the story of the bond created between a little boy and a tree. Your goal in the game is to help the tree grow and watch as life unfolds with each cycle. It is a simple tale without the fancies of blowing anyone away. It knows the story it wants to tell and tells it well. So well in fact that I ended up fighting back tears as I was reaching the final chapter. It probably helped that my little boy has recently celebrated his birthday, and playing a game like this just hit that sweet maternal spot that makes us think about life and the need to be there and care for those we love.

The beauty and might of life walk hand in hand with the vulnerability of it all. Delicately and humbly, TREE sets out to deliver an emotional experience about life in a way that will surely stay with me for quite some time. 

One little caveat that I believe may be important to some. I saw online some people calling TREE more of a piece of interactive art than a game. This is because the existing mechanics are barely there, inviting the player to give just a little nudge in the process of telling the story. 

As someone who never cared that much about those distinctions, it didn’t make a difference. But if you are on the fence about trying it out, just know that it is free to play.

This little hidden gem is available on Steam.

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