Oneiroi by Sofia Romualdo

Oneiroi: no rest for the wicked

Will you face your fears… Or plunge deeper into them?

If you are reading this blog, you’re probably someone who enjoys going to and finding out little gems just waiting to be discovered. Oneiroi is one of those gems, a game that plunges you into the subconscious mind of its protagonist while weaving its story with a touch of greek mythology.

Created by Sofia Romualdo, Oneiroi is described as “an illustrated interactive fiction game”, so you can expect that the writing to be its beating heart. And the writing truly shines with a story that leaps from the screen, a sensory and heartfelt experience throughout the subconscious world of an insomniac. 

Insomnia presents itself as the driving force for the story but can it be that something more is going on here? Something otherworldly? Enter the Oneiroi, creatures of the night and messengers of the gods, awaiting your arrival into their worlds. Or is it all a creation of the protagonist’s mind, something born out of exhaustion and lack of sleep? These are all questions that Oneiroi brings forth in a subtle manner and leaves it up to the player’s interpretation.

The art style of the games changes according to the place the protagonist finds herself in, going from chilling locations to dreamy brushstrokes. This has a great effect in making the player feel each mindscape as something unique and worth exploring further.

It takes several playthroughs to fully explore and understand the many sides to this game but I assure you that you will want to keep playing until you’ve exhausted all endings. I would like to recommend anyone to play it at night, with headphones on to ensure the atmospheric feel the game begs for.

Oneiroi is available for free on and there you can also find the game dev diary, which you may find interesting to understand the thought process behind the game and all the hard work put into it. 

Play it and if you enjoy it, don’t forget to show some love to its creator!

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