missed messages by Angela He

How we connect with each other: we played missed messages.

You wake up in a dreamy dorm room and the whole day is ahead of you to explore. The watercolour style fills your screen with ideas of warmth, life and coziness. But could things be really as simple as that? The description of missed messages. tells us that this is a game about “romance, horror and memes”. I don’t know about you but I was immediately drawn to that premise.

At first, it can be hard to understand where the horror element actually lies but soon after you start to catch up on little things. I’m afraid saying more than this is to enter spoiler territory and this is a game best played knowing as little as possible about it. But I have to also strongly advise you to heed the content warnings explicitly stated about mentions of self-harm and suicide.

Exploration is a key element of this game, not only in your actual surroundings but also in your character’s laptop. But where missed messages. truly shines is in conversations. The dialogue feels natural and every choice you make organically leads the story. This feels especially well crafted when you play several playthroughs (there are 4 different endings available) and you can see how much they differ but without failing to feel organic and well written. 

Angela He is the creator of this little gaming gem that can be found on Steam and on itch.io. It’s free to download but if you wish to support the developer with $5, you can unlock 15 HQ wallpapers and an exclusive drawing thanking you for your support.

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